Star Wars Wednesday - Age of Rebellion Release

So....missed the entire month of June. Didn't really plan it that way, just sort of happened for a different reason each week. Well, a lot has happened in the meantime and this week, well, this arrived today.

So I can talk about it. Actually, I already have. One of the items I should have posted over the past few weeks was my designer's diary entry on the Fantasy Flight Games site. It covers a bit about the Galaxy and the Rebellion. I'll have more to share on that later (Future topic! Only a 10% chance I'll forget I ever said it...). 

So...I guess I'll stick with starting with So for three paragraphs running. Well, anyway, my contribution to the Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook is... 





The introductory short story:


The Galaxy chapter: 


The Rebellion chapter: 


Did I mention that the art is fantastic again?

Plus a fair amount of the GM information I did for Edge of the Empire made the transition, though I didn't work on that section specifically this time around. 

So, it should be hitting stores anytime, I think. Kind of interesting that it's hitting the same week D&D Starter Set and D&D Basic also arrive (Starter at specific game stores for now, wide release later in the month, Basic will be a free pdf online tomorrow). So, hit the local game stores (if you can). There should be plenty to do over the holiday weekend. 

And for today's bit of amusement, a couple of Star Wars entries into the #thingstimhowardcouldsave meme have appeared. If you have no idea what that means, you haven't been paying attetion to the US team's last World Cup game.