Star Wars Wednesday - Hutts and Rebels

This week is one of those times when one of my upcoming RPG products is announced on the heels of a release. You'd think this wouldn't happen all that often, but even back when I was writing for the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars website, product and article releases seemed to come in clusters. No news to report for weeks, then everything at once. 

So, last Saturday was Rebellion Day. You can see my previous Star Wars Wednesday for more details about the world-wide event. I ran my adventure Rescue at Glare Peak twice. First table had four that drove an hour from a town east of KC to play. The second had one of my regular/playtester players, one semi-regular, and someone new, but turned out to be a FFG freelancer for some X-wing articles, if I understood correctly.

Both rounds turned out to just be Episode I, but we're going to try to finish one or both on a future date. I think you'd have to push the adventure pretty quick to get through Episode I in an hour, but I would be interested to hear other people's experiences time-wise running the event (how far did you get in what amount of time). 

This is where an event picture would go if I had remembered to actually take one.

Twitter provided some feedback, and it seemed like people had a good time. One tweet mentioned that someone introduced their 10-year old to their first RPG though this adventure, so that's fun to hear. So, that is it for Rebellion Day. People have asked, but I don't know if FFG will release it as a pdf on their site, like they did with last year's free rpg day adventure. 

On to this week's announcement: Star Wars Edge of the Empire Lords of Nal Hutta, a sourcebook for Hutt Space. It is due to be released in 4th quarter of 2014. I had a lot of fun working on this. There really hasn't been a Hutt space RPG book before, so that opens up new locations, story ideas, and more. I think anyone using Hutts as a major part of their campaign will find this very useful. More on that later. 

Hutt player characters are now an option, so think about that for awhile. Anyone for a Hutt lord, majordomo, and entourage? How about a family of Hutts? A Rebel Hutt? Jabba's fifth cousin twice removed? A whole new clan? I feel like I should write a new con adventure around something like this. KC Game Fair is coming up in November, so you never know. Lots of options this year, though, with Edge, Age, and Force and Destiny Beta available.

Speaking of Force and Destiny, the latest Beta update is now available. blog has a couple of interesting articles. First is a piece on the history of the 501st Legion fan organization, with a special focus on how they started inducting Honorary Members. Having just received that honor myself, it was nice to see how it originally came about. Some very familiar faces were the first recipients.  

The second article is The Big Impact of West End Games Star Wars Miniatures, looking at the metal miniatures of the past, in and beyond the game. I have a few of these somewhere. Some are primed, most probably aren't. I think I have the speeder. 

I won the bantha with rider at GenCon one year, playing in a recreation of the Battle of Endor. Or rather, not playing. My two characters were done in early with a tremendously bad starting location, before they did much of anything. I stuck around to see how things would go. Quite a while later they got around to giving me a couple of speeder bike reinforcements. The bantha was pretty much a consolation and observer endurance prize. 

My main downfall with using the original Star Wars minis was, as usual, time to paint. That hasn't changed.