Star Wars Wednesday - Did Someone Say Parsec?

I'm on the road this week, with a work trip to Arizona. Flying over the southwest landscape does wonders for new terrain setting ideas. Trips also tend to keep the blog posts short. This is partly due to typing on a phone, and partly due to the blog interface and the host's inadequate android app and web-phone interface battles. 
When not staring out the window, one thing flights are good for is catching up on reading.  This time it is Star Wars A New Dawn, by KotoR and Kenobi author John Jackson Miller. Going to finish before the rapidly approaching Rebels premier. It is a quick read and I think RPG fans will also find some familiar elements.  
Fantasy Flight Games continues to release Force and Destiny Beta RPG updates. This week they also discuss what makes it into the updates.
And...did someone say parsec? Though I've obviously been very busy with Star Wars RPG titles, I still write for other games on occasion. I've been waiting for this announcement. I'm excited to say that I've been involved with the new sci-fi setting for Savage Worlds RPG, called The Last Parsec. The kickstarter fired up about 36 hours ago, and it funded in an hour. It is blazing thru stretch goals, which is great because at the 40k level, the backers get my adventure, Pranac Pursuit. The setting is sci-fi exploration, partly inspired in style by the old Star Frontiers RPG. It is a ton of fun because it is wide open and filled with opportunities for the unexpected. The kickstarter video is below. Jump in to Jumpcorp today!