Star Wars Wednesday - Rebel Plans

The Rebel Alliance continues to dominate releases this month and next. From games to TV, the fight against the Empire is once again center stage in the Star Wars universe. 

This week saw the release of John Jackson Miller's Star Wars: A New Dawn, the first Star Wars Rebels novel and first of the new stories created with the Lucasfilm story group. It's been interesting to see John move between comics, games, and novels through the past few years. John relays his path to becoming the author in a blog post. I look forward to reading the new book.

Rebels is set to debut Monday, October 10 on Disney XD. I just realized I might be back on the road that night, but there's no telling this far out. They released another new clip this week: 

Rebellion Day is coming in a little more than a week, on Saturday September 13. Game stores across the country that signed up will feature my special Star Wars Age of Rebellion RPG adventure Rescue at Glare Peak that comes with quick-start rules, dice, and characters. I've already received a bit of feedback from those prepping to run the game. Fantasy Flight Games should post a list of participating stores on its site, though I haven't seen it yet. 

I'll be running the adventure a couple of times at my local store, Game Cafe, a recognized Fantasy Flight Games Retailer which participates X-wing Miniatures and other in-store events. They literally have a wall of FFG games of all kinds. They will be posting start times on their Facebook page, and I plan to post them here as well next week. I'm not exactly sure if they will have sign-ups ahead of time or how that will be exactly organized. Look to their Facebook page or drop them a message  for more information.

That day just happens to be the monthly Roleplayers Guild of Kansas City, LTD gameday as well. The gameday moves between stores in the KC area, and it is at Game Cafe at the same time. RPGKC events are usually held in the event space next door to the main store. Usually, that means some RPGs and boardgames.

Now is also a good time to mention that the KC Game Fair kickstarter has 3 days to go. KCGF is held in November. It's funded, but check it out for some special kickstarter elements. Event submission is now open as well. As usual, I plan to run Star Wars, plus a few other games and my new D&D Expeditions Adventurers League adventure, Drums in the Marsh. Actual schedule to be determined...later.

Star Wars Force and Destiny Beta should be in stores now, or very shortly. As with past Betas, FFG will accept comments over the next few weeks and post updated and/or experimental adjustments throughout the process. Now is the time to test the Force powers, careers, and talents to their limits. Don't forget to report the results, good or bad.

Also, experiement with the Morality and Conflict system. GMs need to remember that Conflict should be a central theme in Force and Destiny games, not just something that happens along the way. Craft encounters around difficult decisions, as well as letting the PCs get into their own personal trouble.

And finally, I managed to squeeze in some X-wing Miniatures this past weekend...and I really need to play more often. FFG announced the new X-wing Mission Control beta - an online tool for tracking collections, creating scenarios, and so forth. Hopefully I'll get a moment, I may try to dust off the old miniatures scenario skills and work through a few of my own. No promises on when, of course.