Star Wars Wednesday - Hello, What Have We Here?

And we're back. I've been working through a series of deadlines at my day job lately, and last week the schedule combined with wear and tear to the point that a post just wasn't going to happen. Things are a bit lighter this week, but I'll still need to keep this short. Fortunately, there are several recent subjects of which I have something, but not a lot, to say.

Certainly the most anticipated appearance of the past couple of weeks was Lando's return to the Star Wars screen in the latest episode of Rebels. Complete with Billy Dee Williams, it was a very fun episode that also highlighted the best parts of the regular cast, especially interactions between the characters. Lando lived up to billing. This is one of those episodes that I'll recommend to everyone, especially those who may not normally watch the show. There's been some pretty strong hints that this won't be limited to a single appearance, which is also fun. I also like it that they used Lando in a regular episode, rather than some sort of finale or special event. Sabacc is retained as it was pre-Legends, and there is a bit of behind the scenes insight in the related Rebels Recon episode that old time West End Games fans should find interesting. keeps adding to their library of old LucasArts games. Dark Forces II, Republic Commando, and Rebellion have now appeared. I wish I could say I've tried some of these again, but it probably be a while before my hands feel up to it, even for limited times.

Fantasy Flight Games continues to release previews for X-Wing Miniatures' Scum and Villainy wave, as well as my own Lords of Nal Hutta for the Edge of the Empire RPG.

I know I've been light on the RPG gaming content and commentary for a while around here. I hope to include
more of it as I build up to running games at a couple of upcoming events. I'm aiming to discuss at least some of that process as I go along, though probably not every week. Part of it will be adventure creation, while the rest will be commentary on how I am preparing to run these particular games.

Lastly, there is this, via XKCD....