Star Wars Wednesday - Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, Almost There

On the way to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. The is an extremely early flight, following a too short night brought about by too many deadlines and other work compressed by said deadlines. I'm ready to be done with that for awhile. On the plus  side, no line at security. This looks to be written in at least two airports and an airplane. Ten minutes to boarding. Time enough to pass along a couple of fun things I hinted at last week that I get to be part of at Celebration.

I'm  very excited that I get to be part of Fantasy Flight Games seminar/panel, suitably named Star Wars with Fantasy Flight Games. It will be on Friday, at 1:30 at the Fan Stage. Fellow panelists will be Steve Horvath (FFG SVP of Marketing and Communications), Steve Kimball (FFG Board Game Manager), and artist Jake Murray.

On Saturday morning, I'm running Star Wars Age of Rebellion Rescue at Glare Peak, my Rebellion Day adventure, hosted by the Forcecast and They are planning to live stream the game, assuming the bandwidth isn't crushed by the seemingly record Celebration attendance. 4 day badges sold out yesterday. If the feed is down (or even if it works), the game will be posted by Forcecast later on. Players are yet to be determined, but contact Forcecast if interested. Also, Forcecast is planning to stream most of the time during the convention, subject to bandwidth.

Beyond those events, I'll be at the 501st party and attending a variety of panels and the exhibit hall. 

As a prelude to the events of the week, last night I took a few moments to look  over the latest Star Wars Insider that conveniently arrived yesterday. In the back was the typical 5 questions article, asking someone involved in Star Wars about their favorite 5 of whatever the subject of the issue's list is. This issue features John Morton, who played Dak in The Empire Strikes Back and his 5 favorite freedom fighters in Star Wars. I  had one of those "wait, what?" moments when I saw a picture of my Edge of the Empire adveture Beyond the Rim. Number five on his list was Brun Brux, an Alderaanian  character I created that runs a restaurant on The Wheel space station. Seems like there must be a story behind this.

So, we're descending into Orange County airport. The plane seems to be about 50% full of Star Wars Celebration attendees. The Southwest crew, well,  at least one flight attendant, got into the Star Wars spirit and had a bit of fun with the announcements throughout the flight. 

This will probably be it for posting until next Wednesday, though I will be active on twitter @silverforce77  and likely a bit on Facebook. 

See some of you soon.