Star Wars Wednesday - Riding the Waves

Another week another...two deadlines. Let's just say I've been staring a few Revit* models for most of the last week, and I've seen a few too many moon rises at the office. Could be wasn't sun rises. With a few other things happening lately, I'll be glad to spend a few days at Star Wars Celebration next week.

Good grief. Only a week away. I'll post something next Wednesday, one way or another. I have a couple of things I hope to have confirmed by then. It's shaping up to be a fun show. Now, if my Star Wars Celebration app would actually update its schedule like it's supposed to, I'd have a better idea of where else I'll be and when. Panels are still a moving target, apparently. John Jackson Miller's writing in a shared universe panel just moved to Thursday. The app is actually really handy, for those of you who are going and haven't looked into it. 

Anyway, the two places I will be for sure are the Fantasy Flight Games panel and the 501st party. isn't having a party this time around, which is too bad. It was a fun time, rather low key, and drew in notable guests. It's also a lot of work, so I get why they might not want or be able to continue it. Beyond those events, I'll be taking in panels, seeing friends, and I'll drop by the FFG booth in the exhibit hall very randomly. 

Speaking of FFG, they posted a preview of the Armada Wave I expansion. Sometimes I think it would just be simpler if they paid me in X-Wing and Armada ships. Armada certainly has a box that lives up to the title.

Wave after wave.....


*Revit is a building information modeling program that is modern-day CAD. It draws smart objects - doors, walls, etc., rather than just being an electronic pencil, though it can be that too. Revit is particularly good at hiding something you just drew immediatley after drawing it, then posting a pop-up message telling you that you can't see it and you might want to check a half dozen other settings that might be causing the thing to disappear... but not which setting is actually causing the problem. Someone online chronicled 33 different reasons something might not be visable in a given view.

It's also the only program I've ever seen that can't seem to copy an object EXACTLY AS IT IS, and not mess with it somehow. I'm angrily glaring at you, phase settings. See also, disappearing objects, above.