Star Wars Wednesday - Destiny Begins

The first product of the (non-beta) Star Wars Force and Destiny RPG hit stores this week, in the form of the Beginner Game.

The Beginner Game uses the familiar format of the previous versions for Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion. There is a new preview up at FFG. There is also the free follow up adventure and two additional characters on the support section of the Beginner Game page. 

The Force and Destiny Core Rulebook usually follows the Beginner Game fairly closely, and preorders are available at the FFG site. There is also a list of 10 questions that FFG answered about the book and how it fits with the other game lines. It also discusses the differences between the book and Beginner Game for those new to the system or RPGs in general. I was one of the writers on the core rulebook, but not the Beginner Game.

There is also a new preview for the Scum and Villiany faction of X-Wing.

Rebels season 2 debuted last Saturday, and it was fantastic. Vader was, as he says, most impressive. For those that have seen it, make sure to follow up with Rebels Recon for behind the scenes info. For the rest, watch the show first. Spoilers in the video. 

And for a last bit of randomness, watch Han and Chewie morph between their old and new selves.