Star Wars Wednesday - It is Your Destiny

It may or may not have hit stores just yet - these releases tend to be a bit nebulous - but it exists, and here's my copy that arrived Tuesday. The Star Wars Force and Destiny RPG Core Rulebook is (almost) now available (probably). I had a great time on this. It it the third of the 3 core rulebooks, and I'm happy to have been involved in all three, and many other FFG Star Wars products over the past several years. 

On this one, I took another turn at the DM chapter, and got the opportunity to write The Jedi and The Sith chapter. More on that soon. The DM chapter is similar to the Edge of the Empire one I worked on initially, but developed for Force users. It addresses some of the specifics of Force and Destiny characters in terms of rules specifics and GM advice. It should be useful to veteran Edge and Age of Rebellion GMs as well as game masters new to the roleplaying game. 

I'll be putting the new book through it's paces at Kantcon this weekend, Saturday and Sunday. I'm running Edge, Force and Destiny, and The Last Parsec for Savage Worlds. Speaking of The Last Parsec, the new core book just became available today in PDF and hardcover pre-order. 

Gencon is after that, then Kansas City Comic Con. KCCC announced the first version of its panel schedule. I'll be sharing a panel with Jon Hook (Cthulhu and Goodman Games freelancer) on getting into game design and publishing. It will be Saturday Morning. Unfortunately, gaming guest Jim Ward has had to cancel, likely due to health concerns. Anyone interested in Jim's situation should check out this page. Also, it was announced that Monte Cooke Games (Numenera, The Strange) will be at the show.

Also this week, an excerpt of the Star Wars Aftermath novel went online...perhaps a bit early? Anyway, it is up on now. 

Back to the game prep....