Star Wars Wednesday - Force Friday Started Wednesday

Or maybe it was Tuesday, if you count stores that broke the street release date. Anyway, this is Friday is the big release of Force Awakens products, ranging from books to toys to more toys, and even more toys.

The main event - aside from going to the store to get the actual products - already started in the form of the Force Awakens Unboxing live stream on As I write this, author Jason Fry is talking about his book Weapon of a Jedi also coming out on Friday. There are set times for unveiling in various cities around the world, with other things happening at the main studio - like the interview with Jason. 

For myself, I'm story focused as usual and stocking up on the books - mostly via Amazon, but for the Aftermath novel, I'm picking that up at a local Barnes and Noble store on Friday. 

Force Friday Event Guide at and others have assembled a checklist

Moving released a new short teaser via Instagram. Mostly stuff seen before...but not all. 


There has been an awakening... #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

A video posted by Star Wars (@starwars) on Aug 27, 2015 at 10:00am PDT


I've missed a couple of weeks on the blog. One unintentionally after traveling for work, and the next was...busy. FFG has had a few new items on their site, but here is another preview of Chronicles of the Gatekeeper for Force and Destiny

Con season isn't quite over for me. I'm going to be a guest at Midwest Gamefest, which is in November in place of KC Game Fair that has run the past few years. I was one of the ones that brought KC Game Fair about and it had a good run. I've been too busy to stay involved on the organizational side for several years now, and the Roleplayers Guild of Kansas City, LTD. has opted to take a different approach this time around. Anyway, there is a kickstarter running for several more days. It funded already, but there are always stretch goals to be had.