Star Wars Wednesday - Ghosts of Dathomir Announced

Fantasy Flight Games announced Ghosts of Dathomir, my latest adventure for Star Wars Force and Destiny RPG. I suspected this announcement would be coming soon, but you just never know exactly when with all of the moving parts in game production, approvals, shipping, and so on. Due to be released in first quarter of 2017. 

As usual, I can't say anything really beyond the announcement/preview. I will note that the preview benefits GMs a lot, but players may want to tread lightly. I had a great time working on this. It's probably worth noting/reminding everyone that turnaround time for most RPG books (no matter the company) is about a year, so its not like we're writing this now. I occasionally see comments as though we're actively writing, like what happens with some novels or some larger RPG products like core rulebooks. 

Dathomir and the other locations are always fun to use, but of course Dathomir attracts special attention. Even more so since being featured in various episodes and story arcs of The Clone Wars. Dathomir is both an exciting and fearful place for the player characters to visit. It's likely one of the most dangerous planets to visit, if not the most dangerous. I remember how brutal it was to move around in back in Star Wars Galaxies. The planet is weird, difficult to navigate, isolated, has brutal creatures, mysterious Force users, and that doesn't even address the notion of Ghosts of Dathomir.  Not to mention the formidable villain. 

Anyway, there's been a great response so far. I can't wait for people to get a chance for their PCs to figure out just what is going on, and how they're going to get through it. The art is, of course, fantastic, and I've only seen what's been released on the FFG site. 

There was also something else released last week...right. The latest Rogue One trailer. That was cool too. I enjoyed it quite a bit. 

And beyond that, I actually had another release or two this week as well over at DMs Guild. I added a Fantasy Grounds file to my D&D Adventurers League adventure DDEX1-7 Drums in the Marsh. In conjunction with it, I also released a Drums in the Marsh Map Pack for use on the tabletop and virtual tabletops other than Fantasy Grounds. I did all of the maps. See this post for details.