Star Wars Wednesday - Voices and Games

Last week turned into one of those unexpected travel weeks. This week, no travel, but also a bit quiet for Star Wars of late...

Many fans noticed - or learned via tweet or a news source - that a lot of voice actors from Star Wars video games, The Clone Wars, and Rebels showed up in The Force Awakens credits. posted a list connecting the voices to various lines in the film. There are a lot of familiar names in there, and some of the dialog was ad-libbed.

Rebels is back on TV, and Princess Leia makes a great first appearance in the series. Apparently there's some sort of issue with the way season two is being sold on itunes and Amazon.

Strike Force, one of Aaron Allston's influential RPG works is coming back via Kickstarter. Aaron started project before his passing, and the team is trying to carry on


Star Wars in Concert is returning. No dates announced, but there is a newsletter sign up. I really enjoyed the first go around. 

And finally, my latest Dungeon Masters Guild product is now live. Check out Uncommoners, 10 backgrounds for characters of unusual destiny.