Star Wars Wednesday - Way Behind Schedule

Work has kept me so busy, that I'm way behind schedule here and elsewhere. I'm also fighting another bout of hand issues, not unrelated to the above, so that doesn't help. So, short and sweet for now...

I'm so far behind that Celebration is long past and will be far gone once I get a chance to really bring up some things I liked about the show. The previews were fantastic, of course.

The Freemaker adventures are a lot of fun and creative. It's amusing to see the lighter side of Star Wars for an entire show run that also isn't yet another parody or other retelling.

I made a brief appearance at Kantcon, running some Force and Destiny - a repeat of the Nexus Awakens adventure I ran at GNCon earlier this year. I'm still tweaking it, but found you can run it with down to 3 players.

I've got more cons coming soon, so more on that in the near future.