Star Wars Wednesday - Ghosts of Dathomir Resources

Ghosts of Dathomir is out, so some GMs and players are (hopefully) planning their new campaigns, or integrating the adventure into their current stories. This post has a few resources that both may find useful to their new campaign. It has some very minor spoilers - not more than what you might learn reading the back cover of the book. 


How about some mood setters to start things off? The GM and players can find inspiration and become more familiar with the adventure's main (but not only) locations via the following resources (among others). The episode guide concept art galleries in particular can serve as a great source of  inspiration.  



Time got away from me this week, so watch for more about adventure prep coming soon. 

FFG posted a new Genesys RPG  preview, this time looking at the magic system. 

There's also new X-Wing Miniatures errata. 

And FFG announced a brand new digital division - Fantasy Flight Interactive.