Star Wars Wednesday - Midwest GameFest and GNCon 5

Local cons are always fun. 


This weekend, I'm a guest at Midwest GameFest, mostly running games. I'll also be running a reduced one man show version of the 30 Years of Star Wars RPG Gen Con panel. You can find my schedule here. I'm running a couple of different Edge of the Empire events, including one on The Staggering Dragon's electronic tabletop. I'm also taking a shot at running the new version of Paranoia, as well as another adventure in what has turned out to be my ongoing Numenera convention adventure line. 


Also announced this past week, I'm the Guest of Honor at GamerNation Con 5: The Order of the Gamers, run by d20 and the Order 66 podcast. They're running a kickstarter, as usual, and have already funded the show. However, space is limited, so join in the kickstarter to ensure admission. Nothing has been announced about exactly what I'll be doing, though I will run games and do a panel. I have a few ideas about that...

Star Wars Rebels is back on the air, but something has been a bit weird about the DVR properly recording the shows, so I'm a bit behind at the moment. Probably won't be back on track until sometime after the convention. The knock on effect is that I fall behind on Rebels Recon, The Star Wars Show, etc. until I catch up...

More Ghosts of Dathomir info next week. Probably.