Star Wars Wednesday - Fully Nominated

A new book and award nomination announcements this week, plus a great Rebels episode. 

Fantasy Flight announced Fully Operational, an Engineer's sourcebook for Star Wars Age of Rebellion. I'm one of the writers. As usual, that's it for now, but it was another fun one to work on. I'll be interested to see how some things developed... It is due to be released in Q3 of this year. 









Last night, Board Game Geek's/RPG Geek announced their Golden Geek Award winners. I somehow missed whenever the nominations were released, which is unfortunate given that three of the Star Wars RPG books I worked on were nominated for Best RPG Supplement:

  • Star Wars Age of Rebellion Forged in Battle (Soldier sourcebook)
  • Star Wars Force and Destiny Savage Spirits (Seeker sourcebook)
  • Star Wars Edge of the Empire Special Modifications (Technicians sourcebook)

Ultimately, Dungeons and Dragons Volo's Guide to Monsters won the category. It's a fun addition to the D&D 5e line, and I was one of the playtesters for it as well. I haven't written much for 5e, but I've been an active playtester throughout the line. 

For X-Wing Miniatures fans, FFG released a new FAQ. The FAQs/Errata are helpful, but in returning to more active X-Wing play, I was surprised just how wide ranging it had become and how many ships and cards needed further clarification or adjustments. Active play is very relative - I've been too busy with work for consistent league appearances. 

This week's Rebels episode, Secret Cargo, is one of my favorites. It looks fantastic, with the lighting and effects being both for atmosphere and integral to the action on screen. As usual, check out the Rebels Recon episode for more info. Also, an event that originated in the West End Games Rebel Alliance Sourcebook makes a significant (if off screen) appearance. In fact, a rather wide range of EU original material plays various parts in this episode.