Star Wars Wednesday - Moving on to Planet Comicon

So the events and Star Wars announcements have piled up quickly the past couple of weeks. I'll return to more Celebration talk next week. For now, I've got just enough time to talk about Planet Comicon this weekend, which will have a good Star Wars presence. 

Right. Planet Comicon looks to be bigger than ever in Kansas City. Running this Friday thru Sunday, it has a wide array of guests and events. Almost the entire place has been rearranged this year. I'll be running games portions of all three days. The game room this year has moved down to the entry floor, just off the main corridor. Looks to be more space. There is no early sign up for gaming, and I'm not sure how they're handling signing up for games on site, if at all. There will be a wide variety of RPGs (D&D, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Call of Cuthlu, and more) and the huge Kantcon Board Game Library. Game room hours and other information is located here. I'll be running Star Wars RPGs. 

 My schedule (subject, but not expected, to change). Note that games are spread throughout the day (no regular slot start times) so my start times are not necessarily the same as others.  I'm planning to run games roughly 2 hours long. 

  • Friday: 5pm-10pm. Tentative slot/demo start times: 5pm and 7:30pm. 
  • Saturday: 10am-2pm. and 7pm-9pm. Tentative slot/demo start times: 10am, Noon, 7pm. 
  • Sunday: 11am-3pm. Tentative slot/demo start times: 11am, 1pm. 

Planet Comicon has some fantastic Star Wars guests: 

  • Timothy Zahn (Thrwan, Heir to the Empire series).
  • John Jackson MIller (Knights of the Old Republic comics, KotoR Campaign Guide for Saga Edition, Kenobi, A New Dawn, and Star Trek novels).
  • Tom Kane (voice of Yoda in The Clone Wars).
  • Jason Aaron (Current Marvel Star Wars comics writer).
  • Howard Chakykin (Artist, drew the first advance Star Wars poster, artist on the original first 10 Marvel Star Wars comics).
  • Joe Corroney (Artist - posters and other works).