Star Wars Wednesday - Celebration and Retribution

Sometimes the blog titles write themselves, sometimes a combination of topics produces something memorable if not directly related to each other, like this week. Star Wars Celebration Orlando is only a week away. Retribution is another story...fortunately.

Star Wars Celebration Orlando is shaping up to be most impressive, as they say. The 40th anniversary of Star Wars seems to be bringing out actors who haven't been around in a while, and the events list continues to grow. I'll be attending again and beyond my typical seminar and event attendance, I'll be running way more games than ever before at Celebration. This year, Fantasy Flight Games has expanded their activities beyond just the booth on the show floor - they have an entire game room dedicated to running Star Wars games. While I don't know the complete offerings, it features demos, a X-Wing Miniatures event, and I'll be running relatively short (2 hour) Star Wars RPG sessions each day. The game room is near the Fan Stage, which is convenient, as FFG's panel, Fantasy Flight Games: Star Wars Tabletop Games, is on that stage. I've been invited to join in again, which should be a lot of fun. 

Sometimes, things just escape one's notice, even when one's wife apparently specifically mentioned it long ago.... So, this week's The Star Wars Show features an interview with Chris Conley, who happens to play wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs and who also happens to have created a Star Wars fan film while at the University of Georgia. Given that I follow the Chiefs and watch most games, it was certainly one of those "Wait, what? How did I miss that?" moments when this turned up on The Star Wars Show.

This was followed by a vehement "I told you that when he was drafted!" moment, at a volume I'll chalk up to my wife not feeling great this evening. I'm sure its not at all the case that she might be annoyed by other things I've been informed of and later forgotten from time to time.

Anyway, I corrected this oversight tonight. It's an entertaining fan film, with couple of Georgia football cameos, good special effects, and how many fan films get permission to film inside a major university stadium? It came out in 2014 and has over half a million views on youtube. Both the show and film are included below: