Star Wars Wednesday - 30 Years of Star Wars RPGs & Gen Con

This week, Gen Con's event list went live for as a preview for preparing for event registration, which starts this weekend. For the first time, I'm organizing an event rather than just being part of someone else's. Of course it's Star Wars

West End Games released the original Star Wars RPG in 1987. Normally something like a 30th anniversary would be cause for a company to celebrate, but that didn't necessarily make much sense given the concept of a Star Wars RPG has made its way through different editions and three different companies over the years. 

Someone pointed out the anniversary to me earlier this year (more on that at a later date), and I thought it would be great to do something at Gen Con. I bounced the idea off a few people and FFG. Fantasy Flight Games is generously hosting the event. Gen Con placed us in a great room the Westin. 

We have leading designers from each of the companies, with Sam Stewart (FFG Star Wars producer) and Bill Slavicsek (West End Games and Wizards of the Coast) participating in this retrospective/panel. Things are still developing, so check back on this page periodically for any updates. It also has all of the location and event ID information. 

Also, I'll be running Star Wars RPGs in the FFG room again this year (probably Edge of the Empire). I haven't checked to see if those events are posted yet.