Star Wars Wednesday - New Books Coming

It's one of those when it rains it pours stretches on announcements. New books and a new Origins award win! 

Yesterday, Fantasy Flight Games announced Star Wars Dawn of Rebellion. I'm one of the writers. It's a new type of SW RPG product, as it is an Era sourcebook that's usable with any of the three Star Wars RPG game lines. People have been asking for a while if there would be new material based on Rebels and Rogue One. They've also been asking for books that might apply to all game lines, so surprise, you get both at the same time. It's a 2017 fourth quarter release. It was an exciting product to work on. 

So, I was ignoring twitter and facebook for most of the weekend, which meant I totally missed that FFG announced Star Wars Age of Rebellion Cyphers and Masks late last week. It's a sourcebook for spies, which really leads into some interesting directions. Combine this with Dawn of Rebellion for your own Rogue One-like behind enemy lines type of adventures (hopefully with a less lethal ending). I was one of the writers on this as well. It is also due out in the fourth quarter of this year. 




In a surprising turn of events, Star Wars Edge of the Empire received the 2017 Origins Award for Fan-Favorite Roleplaying Game. Not bad for a game that came out several years ago. Star Wars Force and Destiny won the same award in 2016.

And finally, I'll be running a couple of Star Wars games at KantCon this weekend, in Overland Park, KS (Kansas City metro area). It's a new adventure I'm calling The Sandcrawler Gambit