Star Wars Wednesday - New Year, New Game Previews

With the new year, some new Star Wars game previews have appeared in the past few days...

First up, a new Star Wars Dawn of Rebellion (which I worked on) preview featuring the Broken Horn Syndicate (which I didn't work on) from Rebels. Latest product status: On the Boat.

Next, there is a Star Wars Legion miniatures combat example preview. (Also On the Boat.)

Finally, the Genesys RPG fantasy setting book was announced. The Realms of Terrinoth details RPG fantasy game play in the world of FFG's Runebound, Descent, and Dragonholt games. I didn't work on this, but I did do some related playtesting along the way. Status: In Development.

And, FYI, I released my latest Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Masters Guild product right at the end of 2017, called Roaming Chult. It is tied into the Tomb of Annihilation campaign, but could be used for most any Chult or even jungle related adventures.

Also, as a reminder, you can find links to my DMs Guild and other PDF/online products on my Storefront page. If you buy the DMs Guild or DriveThru RPG products using the links, I get a small percentage of the sale. This includes the Genesys RPG PDF that was released a few weeks ago.

To wrap things up, The Star Wars Show's The Last Jedi Secrets Explained episode has a lot of interesting behind the scenes story tidbits.