Star Wars Wednesday - Ghosts of Star Wars Past

So, the title mixes the holidays a bit. and this being Halloween, there should be some sort of spookiness going on around here. Except I’ve already used my semi-decent Star Wars Halloween stories long ago, and don’t have anything new… But there are a couple of other things, and I’ve really missed too many weeks in a row…

Ok, if you need your Star Wars Halloween fix, has it covered.

Next up is the very recent release of Defining A Galaxy by SWRPG icon and originator Bill Slavicsek. This is a must have for any long time or big time Star Wars RPG or Expanded Universe fan. Pick it up at Amazon as a kindle edition or paperback, or over at DriveThruFiction in PDF and/or print on demand. Published by Rogue Genius Games and former d20/Saga Edition author Owen KC Stephens.

This is the story of how a group of dedicated fans and gaming professionals helped pave the way for the Star Wars Expanded Universe — as told by one of the original architects! This book explains how material created for roleplaying games helped shape the Star Wars universe — and continues to influence it to the current day.

This weekend I’ll be one of the Special Guests at Midwest GameFest November 1st thru the 4th at Stoney Creek Inn in Independence, MO (Kansas City metro area). Preregistration is done, but there is still plenty of space to sign up on site. I’ll be running Star Wars RPGs, plus Savage Worlds Flash Gordon, my annual Numenera game, and for the first time….the new Paranoia RPG. I’m also running my Writing RPGs and Cartography seminars. So, I’ll be busy.

The Asmodee/FFG/etc. Holiday Sale is already up and running. It is always a good opportunity to pick up a few older or recently canceled game items from the various Asmodee companies. The FFG section is the largest, and Star Wars LCG fans in particular should take a look. There is a also a bit of X-Wing and Destiny. Anyone interested in the new Android Genesys RPG book coming soon might also like to check out the Android: New Angeles board game or the Android fiction.