Star Wars Wednesday - Clone Wars Comeback

The Clone Wars is making a huge comeback these days - on the screen and on the tabletop.

A few weeks ago at San Diego Comic Con, the panel celebrating 10 years of The Clone Wars animated series turned into a surprise announcement that a final 6th season with 12 episodes is coming soon. The trailer is awesome.

At Gen Con (and earlier), Fantasy Flight Games announced that the Clone Wars would be coming to X-Wing 2.0.

And this past week, FFG announced that the Clone Wars is coming to the Star Wars RPG with the latest era book, Rise of the Separatists. I and several others worked on it.

Era books are usable with any or all of the existing core rulebooks. This one features Jedi as a career for the first time. Clones obviously are central figures. It has all of the regular era book features: PC options, weapons, gear, vehicles, character profiles, campaign guidance and so on. 

I've probably been asked about the possibility of a Clone Wars/prequel book more than any other for the RPG, so I'm glad its finally announced. The animated series is one of my favorite aspects of Star Wars storytelling, so I'm looking forward to using it in future convention games.