Star Wars Wednesday - Gen Con 2018

It's August, and time for Gen Con once again. This year saw some new Star Wars game announcements, mainly minis products.

Gen Con was a bit different for me this year. I went on my own for the first time in many years, and I fared poorly in the Gen Con housing lottery system, and ended up with a hotel well outside of downtown. One thing that didn't change was running games for Fantasy Flight. We had a single Star Wars adventure with characters from all three game lines, instead of one for each game line. I suspect that this contributed to the lighter than expected turnout, but it had sold out previously, so who knows. Rounding out FFG's RPG offerings was the brand new Legend of the Five Rings Beginner Game, and a new Android scenario for the Genesys RPG. As it happens, Star Wars and Genesys RPGs placed within the top 5 RPGs on sale for the last quarter (I think) on the ICv2 charts.

I am getting ahead of myself a little. FFG moved the yearly report, the Inflight Report, to Wednesday night, which meant I could attend it for the first time in several years. It usually occurred while I was running games in the RPG room. There were a few Star Wars announcements, a comment in the Q&A, and a surprise non-Star Wars game giveaway at the end. The brand new, not yet released, unique KeyForge: Call of the Archons card game by Richard Garfield (of Magic: The Gathering fame).

Armada literally brought the biggest announcement: the Super Star Destroyer will make an appearance in the game, at a fairly substantial price of $199.

X-Wing 2.0 was available at the show, and I believe the conversion kits sold out. There were other announcements as well for the game (like Clone Wars factions), plus Imperial Assault and Legion.

The Star Wars RPG wasn't mentioned during the presentation, but was quickly asked about in the Q&A. FFG assured everyone that more RPG products are coming, and they just didn't include all product lines in their announcements. They also mentioned that there is an Android Genesys RPG book coming, but didn't announce a title. 

They did have a couple of Star Wars RPG books in the display case at the booth. Cyphers and Masks is one I worked on. They also had a pretty complete selection of all Star Wars RPG lines for sale in the store, including the WEG 30th Anniversary Edition.

FFG also made an appearance on this week's The Star Wars Show, showing off X-Wing 2.0.