coriolis defect

The Coriolis Defect RPG Kickstarter

Earlier today, The Coriolis Defect RPG kickstarter campaign kicked off. If successful, I'll be one of the contributing writers on the project.

The Coriolis Defect is an RPG of re-history in the making. The PCs can "rewind" time briefly, altering the story by changing the past.

The Coriolis Defect is focused on thematic, narratively-driven gameplay, stories of "re-history in the making." The characters share a rare genetic anomaly, dubbed the Coriolis Defect. This anomaly allows them to briefly rewind history, offering a limited means to travel back in time.

For more on the RPG itself, see the The Coriolis Defect website.

To join in and contribute to the campaign, see The Coriolis Defect kickstarter page.