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Dragon 416 - History Check: Strahd and van Richten

Dragon issue 416 went live today on D&D Insider. This time, it's a look at Ravenloft, just in time for Halloween. Kicking things off is my article in the ongoing History Check series, featuring D&D and Ravenloft icons Strahd von Zarovitch and Dr. Rudolph van Richten.

Wizards of the Coast is testing a new release method for Dungeon and Dragon magazines this month. They are releasing each as a full issue via PDF, instead of posting the content a little bit at a time throughout the month. Consolidated PDFs has been requested often since they dropped that format some time ago. They used to issue the full PDF at the end of the month after the individual articles were posted. If you like the new method, which I do, be sure to let them know somehow (forums, twitter, etc.).