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GenCon 2012 Report

I had a great year at GenCon this past week. Friday, especially, was a good day. In the afternoon, the new Star Wars RPG Edge of the Empire was announced. I'm one of the writer/developers. See my Star Wars Wednesday post for the rundown on it and how it upped the excitement level for the entire show.

On top of that, the ENnie Awards were that evening. My D&D product Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale took a silver ENnie in the Best Monster/Adversary category. It was my first ENnie win, and a blast to be able to walk up on stage with my fellow writers (Brian James and Steve Townshend - Matt James was elsewhere) and lead developer Jeremy Crawford to accept the award. I told my wife, when else do I ever get to make an entrance to the tune Back in Black (which was WotC's selected acceptance music)?

Other GenCon comments and events in no particular order:

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Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale nominated for ENnie Award!


Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale for Dungeons & Dragons has been nominated for an ENnie Award for Best Monster/Adversary! My fellow authors Brian R. James, Matt James and Steve Townshend and I would love your support. Voting starts July 20, and the awards are announced at the ENnie Awards Ceremony at GenCon in August.

This is my first ENnie Award nomination for a D&D product.

The Rebellion Era Campaign Guide End Notes

With a recent 2010 ENnie award nomination for Best Supplement, I thought it was a good time to talk a bit about the Rebellion Era Campaign Guide, released July 2009. The design team for this book also included Rodney Thompson (Saga Edition line developer), Owen KC Stephens (Saga Edition and freelance author), JD Wiker (d20 Star Wars author/developer) and Britt Frey (freelance author).
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Nominated for an Ennie Award

My Star Wars RPG book the Rebellion Era Campaign Guide has been nominated for an Ennie award for Best Supplement! My fellow authors on the project were Owen KC Stephens, JD Wiker, Rodney Thompson and Britt Frey. Online voting will start soon.

The Unknown Regions received an Honorable Mention for Best Cover Art.

Additionally, Star Wars Minis and RPG fans of Christopher West's works will be glad to hear he was nominated for his Swamp Map, produced by his own company and fully compatible with those products.

You can find the complete list of nominations here.

ENnie Voting and Origins Awards

Voting for the ENnie awards is now open. The Star Wars RPG and Minis games received several nominations. I wasn't involved in these fine products, although I believe the Order 66 crew used at least one of the episodes I was in as one of their samples to the jury during the nomination process.

The Star Wars products up for awards this year are:

  • Star Wars RPG: Scum and Villainy for Best Cartography.
  • Star Wars RPG: The Clone Wars Campaign Guide for Best Supplement & Product of the Year.
  • Star Wars Miniatures Clone W ars Starter S et for Best Miniatures Product.
  • Order 66, the SW RPG fan podcast is up for Best Podcast.
  • Fan Award for Best Publisher includes Wizards of the Coast and d20 radio, among a multitude of others, large and small. 

Also, I didn't mention it here earlier, but my own Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide was nominated for Best Supplement in the Origins awards, but didn't win this year. The main Saga Edition rulebook was up for best RPG, but also came up short (it won two ENnies last year, though). The Clone Wars Minitures set did win best miniatures product, however.