Star Wars Wednesday - Stat Pack - Maps of Mastery I

This marks the first of what I will strive to make a weekly feature: Star Wars Wednesday. Most weeks it will likely cover some aspect of the Star Wars roleplaying or miniatures games, but some will also feature comments on most anything related to the Star Wars universe. Entry length will vary. Some will be copied in full to Delusions of Granduer, my blog, but any that feature gaming freebies (like today) will still require a trip over here to actually download it. Some weeks, I'll be posting other items to the blog, so if you want to just see the Star Wars items, simply click on the Star Wars Wed. category (below the post).

Today, I'm featuring Stat Pack - Maps of Mastery I. For years, Christopher West created official maps for the Star Wars RPG and Miniatures games. These days, he sells his own high quality maps through his website,, They remain compatible with RPG and minis games, and can be used with other sci-fi games equally well. As he cannot use official Star Wars material in these maps, Chris has created original ships and vehicles that mesh well with the Star Wars universe.

As a companion to those maps, I've created brand new Saga Edition RPG stats for each of the ships and vehicles that appear on Poster Maps 1 thru 3 and Terrain Card Sets 1 & 2. These 12 vehicles include a Colossal starship, a starfighter, shuttles, speeders, an escape pod and even a train.

You can download the free pdf here.

If you happen to see a typo or error in the stat blocks, please let me know via the contact page on this site.