Star Wars Wednesday - 3,720 to 1

For years...say almost 20 now...I've run Star Wars RPGs at local gaming conventions and at GenCon. It is how I started writing RPG material in the first place. More on that in a future post. Since I started working on Saga Edition, I've used the convention adventures to highlight the latest books and my most recent publications. Once the end of the Saga Edition line was announced, I intended to make a few of these adventures available for free for others to use.
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Star Wars Wednesday - Starship & Vehicle Sheets

One of the design philosophies behind the Star Wars RPG Saga Edition products is to make them useful at the table during game play, rather than books that are only used between sessions to build characters, adventures, and so forth. To that end, one of the early decisions by the design team was to build vehicle and ship stat blocks as though they were operated by the crew most likely to use the vehicle. This makes the ships and vehicles instantly usable to gamemasters, without any preparation time, so long as they are satisfied with the skill level and CL predetermined by the designer. This is analogous to using an enemy character or creature straight from the book, with no modifications.
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Star Wars Wednesday - Stat Pack - Maps of Mastery I

This marks the first of what I will strive to make a weekly feature: Star Wars Wednesday. Most weeks it will likely cover some aspect of the Star Wars roleplaying or miniatures games, but some will also feature comments on most anything related to the Star Wars universe. Entry length will vary. Some will be copied in full to Delusions of Granduer, my blog, but any that feature gaming freebies (like today) will still require a trip over here to actually download it. Some weeks, I'll be posting other items to the blog, so if you want to just see the Star Wars items, simply click on the Star Wars Wed. category (below the post). Today, I'm featuring Stat Pack - Maps of Mastery I.
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