Star Wars Wednesday - Twitter, Star Wars & More

This blog is dangerously close to becoming Star Wars Thursday, at my current posting schedule. I'll have to work on that....

This week I wanted to call attention to a few things, and then realized they had something in common.


I've covered some of this before, but these days, I'm getting a high percentage of my Star Wars news via various Twitter sources. Some are official, others are fan based, others are official content creators, Lucasfilm employees, licensees or authors. Sometimes it's a random person I'm following who throws in a Star Wars funny. A fair number of them are also on Facebook, but I check the twitter feed far more often than facebook. That's mainly due to easy access on my phone. Sure, I could set up facebook in a similar fashion, but my signal to noise ratio in facebook is much worse than on my twitter feed.

So, one thing that caught my eye this week was holocronkeeper 's links to updates to the encyclopedia covering some of the species and so forth from the Clone Wars. Specifically, the Zygerrians and Brezak. It's good to see the updates rolling out, if light on details.

Other twitter sources I find useful:

Star Wars saga game designers

d6 WEG designers

News & Licensees