Star Wars Wednesday - The Old Republic Begins

Well, almost. While I my early play approval came through today for Bioware's highly anticipated Star Wars MMO The Old Republic, the fact that I didn't get around to preloading the game means it's still downloading. At the rate it's going, I may be lucky to play during the early play period. Really, the preorder thing would have worked better for me to just get the disks in the mail, load it up and then download the updates. By the time I get them, they'll be nearly useless, unless I have to reinstall some day (which is possible).

Once I'm up and running. I'll be part of the Order of 66 guild, run by d20radio / Order 66 podcast, on the Republic side. I'll also be playing on the Empire side on another server with another group, but that's a recent development. More details to come over the coming days/weeks/months. So, I'll get to experience both sides of the game. One thing I've learned about MMOs, you play when your friends play, and you're better off starting when they start. Given my schedule, I may not be able to keep up the pace, but this is still the best way to play. 

Haven't really nailed down a main class yet. Probably some kind of Jedi on the Republic side, even less sure of the Sith side. I could see going down the smuggler route, at least as an alternate character, somewhere along the way.

I'm looking forward to the game, and expect to comment fairly regularly about it here.