Star Wars Wednesday - Humor and Art

It's been one of those weeks where a disparate collection of news came to my attention from my inbox, twitter feed, facebook, email and somewhere else I'm likely forgetting at the moment. Anyway, I could split this up into two posts, but really, I'm just going to plunge ahead like a speederbike through the trees.  BETWEEN. BETWEEN the trees.

So humor first, I guess. Humor in Star Wars comes in many forms - within and outside of the stories themselves.  Today it comes in the form of Sy Snootles Needed, a tumblr blog highlighting the humorous side of Wookieepedia (soon to celebrate it's birthday, I think). Sometimes the humor comes inadvertently from the prose, other times from an in-universe event/object/etc. that actually universe (re: IG-88 and the Death Star. Ugh.).

However, sometimes it comes right out of the blue....such as this:

However, breast size is only ambiguously canonical, as characters that appear in both comics and movies typically have smaller breasts in the movies, whose canonicity overrides that of the comics.


LOL. I've had a lot of crazy canon discussions, but never this one. Maybe the artists have (hey look, I tied the post subjects together after all)? Anyway, surprise! Wookieepedia has a page dedicated to breasts, with a totally not safe for work picture that would never be allowed in an official product. It is serious entry, but it hilariously ends with this:

This article needs to be provided with more sources and/or appearances to conform to a higher standard of article quality.

Moving along.....

On the intentionally funny side of Wookieepedia, there is the RUINED FOREVER page, highlighting all of those terrible additions to the Star Wars universe that fans love to hate and surely have ruined the franchise FOREVER. Or not. Anyway, it has been around for awhile, but someone's updating it for the Clone Wars...BTW, spoiler warning (well, it is Wookieepedia, after all).

A few notes on the art side:

Matt Busch, Star Wars poster artist, and creator of the You Can Draw Star Wars videos, has  just released an ipad app called Interactive Sketchbook. I don't actually own an ipad, but I'd check this out if I did.

Chris Trevas - If you own a recent sourcebook, essential guide, etc. you've seen his work. The Rebel Blue Prints book is very good for those who like deckplans and sci-fi tech.

Chris Reiff - Same here, since he and Trevas often work together. The link goes to the Parts of Star Wars site he and Trevas share.

Joe Corroney - Comics, cards and other art for Star Wars and more, released at a regular pace.

John Karpinsky -  Various prints via his flikr page.

Much like the authors from last week, this could go on...

But this just in! John Jackson Miller just tweeted that the production/end notes for his newly released novel, Knight Errant are now on his site. Good timing, since I just finished the book today. It's good, and fans of his other works won't be disappointed.