Star Wars Wednesday - Thunderstruck

Right, so it is probably still Wednesday somewhere. I'm even more busy than the past few busy weeks, with a work deadline last week and KC Game Fair this weekend. If you're in the area, check it out at . Now I'm behind the eight ball or death star or whatever you want to call it. So, next week will be a return to about how the con and Star Wars Saga games went.

So this week, there's this new video mashup being passed around as part of a contest:

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Star Wars Wednesday - Humor and Art

It's been one of those weeks where an disparate collection of news came to my attention from my inbox, twitter feed, facebook, email and somewhere else I'm likely forgetting at the moment. Anyway, I could split this up into two posts, but really, I'm just going to plunge ahead like a speederbike through the trees.  BETWEEN. BETWEEN the trees.
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