CHAOS D&D and GenCon 2011

I see from my site stats that a few eager GenCon 2011 attendees/players found my old post on CHAOS D&D, some through a google search. Thanks for the interest! I've gone back and edited the plot info out of the entry, but reading it may still give a way some spoilers on how the game itself is played. Though that in and of itself is not a secret (CHAOS has been running for years at ShaunCon and KC Game Fair), it's still more fun for some people to experience it first hand.

As to the plot info earlier readers or players may have read/played, CHAOS plots have a way of developing over time (and even in game), so I'm sure it won't be exactly the same this time around.

For those who aren't following all of that, the Roleplayers Guild of Kansas City, Ltd. is running two rounds of its long running Chaotically Hysterical Association of Systems (CHAOS) event at GenCon 2011. We've run versions of this style of game since our original conventions in the early 1990s. It consists of 6 RPGs at 6 different tables in a single round/slot of gaming. It's a parallel universe setup, with a version of each character at each table. As the story develops, the characters and players move from system to sytem, game to game, adapting and coping with the changes suddenly thrust upon their surprised characters.

In most rounds of CHAOS, it's 6 completely different RPGs, usually of different genres (past examples: Star Wars, Paranoia, Torg, d20 Modern, D&D, Marvel Superheroes). In the case of CHAOS D&D, it's 6 round of official D&D editions.

If that sounds fun to you and you're going to GenCon, sign up is now available. At last check, there were only 5 spots left for CHAOS D&D, but still plenty of space in the traditional CHAOS game. More info on the specific systems for that game will hopefully be posted soon, but we usually use pretty mainstream stuff. GenCon gave the D&D version a "gencon finds this interesting" note under the special category section.

GenCon event numbers:

RPG1118181 (6 RPGs) 

RPG1118180 (6 versions D&D)