Star Wars Wednesday - E3, C6, you sunk my battleship

Or not. Star Wars Battleship isn't exactly a happening item these days*. Just couldn't pass up the title.

So, I'm busy this week with a short deadline freelance project, and, correspondingly, a bit short of time. Fortunately, there has been a ton of Star Wars news this week worthy of noting here, all ready to bail me out. In almost no particular order**:

Star Wars Celebration VI is going to be a year earlier than expected. Next year, in fact. I hope to attend, but since it once again falls a week after GenCon, we'll just have to see. Too many variables between now and then. Celebration V was a ton of fun, and C VI is at the same location in Orlando.

Kinect Star Wars was announced at the E3 show. I played Force Unleashed on the WII, and had a good time with the actions, so I expect the Kinect version for the Xbox 360 will be a good time. I won't likely own this one***, since I don't own an Xbox, but will find somewhere to play it a bit. The Jedi characters look fun, not sure about flying the ships sans controller.

The Old Republic MMORPG also brought goodies to E3 - most notably the intro cinematic trailer. Looks very good, though playback was very jittery for me. The more I see, the more I wish the ships and Republic trooper armor were less derivative of Clone Wars and the later eras. I understand the desire to link the the eras visually to look like Star Wars, but when I look at most of the ships and costumes and go "well that's based on this ship, or that character or that armor," it becomes distracting. I admit, this may be an occupational hazard.  You could reshoot the entire opening with Clone Wars characters, and it would look just about the same. I am looking forward to playing, though, and have already said I'll be joining the Order of 66, when I get around to it.

Razer announced new TOR hardware to go along with the MMO gaming experience. Looks cool, but I will likely pass. I need to stick to my ergonomic keyboard and mouse, or my playing time will last about 30 minutes. 

There has been a lot of novel news latel as well, such as Aaron Alston's interview on Conviction,  Troy Denning's cover of Apocalypse, the finale of the Fate of the Jedi series, and Timothy Zahn's Choices of One novel. I need to catch up on these....

Now, back to the freelance....

Oh, except to say that if you're going go GenCon, I'll be running the Star Wars Saga Edition table in CHAOS - Six Ways to Avoid Destroying the World, and the 4th Edition D&D Table in CHAOS - Incarnations of D&D. You can find more info here. The D&D table is sold out (check for cancellations, though), but plenty of space in the other one.


* Though if you do decided to get it through amazon, consider going through my store.

** OK, the order of my browser tabs, if you must know.

*** Or maybe I will. My wife just yelled "we have to get a Kinect" from the other room.

---UPDATE: Two videos of TOR gameplay were released. See below.