Star Wars Wednesday - More SW Minis Resources

While it's been over a year since the end of the Star Wars game lines (and no new rumors I'm aware of, for those who have been asking), fans of the Minis game are working hard to keep it going. If you know where to look, there are new maps to be found, new scenarios, podcasts and more. I've posted some links before, but became aware of some I'd missed so I wanted to pass them along. Plus there are some GenCon and pre GenCon items some might find useful before the show in August. 

The Adventurer's Atlas -  This site produces the Armored Cartographer's series of maps compatible with Star Wars Minis. They have scenarios using the maps. They also have a kickstarter project funding their Mystery Maps Star Wars Minis event at GenCon. For heroclix fans, they cary 1.5" maps compatible with that game system.

Star Wars Miniverse podcast - I'm lagging behind in the podcast listening department, but I finally caught a couple of episodes, which are good.

Star Wars Miniverse website - The related website carries a lot of interesting sections, including several directly related to segments of the podcast, links to other SW Minis related sites, and an international minis league.

For those who have been asking for links to my Wizards scenarios, you can find copies of them and many others on the Star Wars Miniverse Docking Bay 94 page. I haven't looked at every one, so I'm assuming they are all there and functional. I haven't hosted the scenarios here for a variety of reasons (though mainly for overly cautious copyright reasons). 

Minis Mayham podcast - OK, this isn't a new podcast or listing, but wanted to add that they have an ongoing scenario building project.

Keith's Page - For a different take on things, Keith has lit a custom map table and SW Minis with LEDs, and shows you how to do the same - with some time, effort and soldering skills.