Star Wars Wednesday - Sketch Cards & the RPG

So, I started this post last week, then deleted it because it became too much like an earlier post, and I decided to go the route anyway. This week I'm returning to the subject because:

1 - It's way late.

2 - I just discovered something new to add to the subject.

So, with the Wednesday clock counting down....

In previous posts over the years on my blog here and at, I've talked about using art from official products and unofficial sites with the RPG. These sources are great for finding new takes on existing characters, character types and even art styles that you can use in your game to represent your own player or gamemaster characters.

One source of useful art are sketch cards. While true, official sketch cards are rare and hard to obtain, there are copies from various sources online that you can find. Sketch cards are a nice format for character portraits, and mimic the Character Sketch boxes on some older character sheets (or the old WEG character templates in certain products).

Time to post....just to make sure...

Right, OK then. So, for a a quick card, you could print any image you like to a size similar to the sketch card (which is the size of a trading card). However, it's more personal if you create the image yourself, or get a friend who draws better than you to do it.

Need ideas? That's where Star Wars artist Matt Busch's new and past videos come in. Check them out.




For me, well, the image you see on this page I created for a character in one of fellow freelancer Patrick Stutzman's games. Remember, go for a style that you feel comfortable with, and hopefully adds a bit of character to your...character.