Star Wars Wednesday - Clone Wars Season 4 Water War

Busy weeks seem to be the order of the month. Or so. Anyway, I managed to squeeze in a viewing of the first of the new Clone Wars episodes for Season 4 this evening. Since I don't currently have any form of cable or satellite, I continue to watch via On the plus side, I can watch while on the treadmill. On the minus side, I didn't actually do that tonight. Maybe later this week when I get to the other two available episodes. I'll go ahead and throw a few comments out there on the first episode. Minor spoilers ahead.

The episode was ok, though it didn't blow me away in terms of story or combat. I'm not a huge fan of underwater scenes, be it Star Wars or James Bond. However, it did remind me of a number of elements I continue to enjoy throughout all forms of Star Wars storytelling: space ships and music. I liked seeing the ships drop their troops, though seeing capital ships in atmosphere always strikes me as a bit odd - especially those that seem to have no business landing.

It might just be me, or maybe I just noticed, but it seems like the music may have taken a more orchestral turn towards themes more akin to the movies I've always been a great fan of the music of the saga, so I'm looking forward to seeing it develop.

As for the underwater sleds and vehicles, perhaps I'll find some time to throw together some RPG stats after seeing the other episodes. That's for another week, though.