Star Wars Wednesday - KOTOR is Back

The Old Republic is everywhere lately. In this case, is the Knights of the Old Republic making its return to comic book store shelves. This week marks the release of that to the Knights of the Old Republic: War, by John Jackson Miller.

Regular readers will remember that John was one of my co-authors on the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide. Anyone looking for new material in that timeframe should find a new comics highly useful. Of course, John has continued since the original KOTOR series with with the Knight Errant comics and novel, as well as the Lost Tribe of the Sith series in free e-book form.

You can find more info on the new series below - or you could just go buy a copy.

BTW, that last link includes a reference to the KOTOR CG - see what kind of useful info turns up in RPG sourcebooks? This kind of thing made the product a lot of fun to work on.



Also, last week's Order 66 made reference to my most recent stats for Christopher West's latest maps (from GenCon). I appreciate the note and still intend to provide more stats for the other ships on the map.