Star Wars Wednesday - 2012 Outlook

Looking ahead for this year, I'm contemplating how best to use this weekly feature.

Aside from the temptation to change it to Star Wars Weekly to avoid a hard publishing date the same day every single week, I'm looking at ways to keep this relevant to readers. As such I'd appreciate hearing from some of you about what you're looking for each week. Keep in mind, I'm still committed to remaining open to commenting on any aspect of Star Wars I find interesting at the moment. However, if there is a specific subject more readers find interesting, I'd like to make sure I address that more often.

You can leave them in the comments, below. Since I have to approve all comments before they go live on the site, if you don't want yours publicly posted, let me know within the comment. I'll just note the suggested topic.

A few topics in the hopper: game stats for some of the new equipment and weapons from The Old Republic, using the upcoming Essential Guide to Warfare in gaming, adapting adventure ideas from one era to another.

As for this week, I've been derailed by some family events, hence the late post again. I don't even have the Old Republic to fall back on, having not played for a few days. I can say that I'm catching up on some Clone Wars episodes and hope to post a bit about them in the near future.