Star Wars Wednesday - KCGF Weekend

Hey everyone. This is KC Game Fair  (Shauncon) Weekend. Come by and try out some Star Wars games, and a lot of others as well.

I'll be running a Star Wars RPG Beta/Intro adventure of my own called Payoff a few times at the show. I'll also be running X-Wing: Trench Run along with Rob Quillen, based on the rules found on the FFG forums, by Dave Graffam (DagobahDave). If you're in the area, come by and try them out. There will be a ton of other games as well.

We also have an Industry Panel on Saturday evening with myself, Charles Ryan (D&D, PEG and more), Jeff Tidball (D&D, boardgames and more), Rob Hobart (Legend of the 5 Rings RPG), Aaron Williams (Epic CamPAIN, PS238, nodwick) and William Reger (Space 1889: Red Sands for Savage Worlds).

You can get the up to date listing here. Prereg is closed, and the doors will open later today.