Star Wars Wednesday - Blue Ghost of Star Wars Present

I didn't originally plan to go with the whole Blue Ghost of .... series when I started it, but why stop now? With the explosion of Episode 7 rumors, it actually rather fits.

Rumors produce a ghostly presence, an apparition today of things to come tomorrow. All told, these bits of rumors eventually coalesce into a possible future. Some of rumor types have already emerged. The rest will take a bit longer.

  • Actors of series past showing new interest in the series.
  • Rumors of directors.
  • Rumors of plot. Story direction. 
  • Rumors of canon or possibly lack thereof.

You get the idea.

Speaking of rumor, if the latest Disney rumor is true, it looks like they're trying to buy (if indirectly) every major RPG game line I write for. If they pick up Hasbro, well, that would include Wizards of the Coast. How odd would that be? D&D owned by Disney. Would that make it D D&D? Anyway I digress.

I'll try not to let this blog turn into the rumor of the week. If there's a really good one, maybe I'll jump in with a comment or something. Beyond that, there are better sources that will be more consistent, I'm sure, such as, and ClubJade has a rumor tag already started on their related posts.

As for continuing Disney/Lucasfilm responses and rumors, has started a list. Clone Wars director Dave Filoni has weighed in on the official blog. Turns out Dave worked at Disney for a time.  

But Pablo Hidlago may have said it best on twitter:

I wouldn't trust any Star Wars speculation at this point... Unless it came from Nate Silver.

And that was before the election.


One final note. For those in the Kansas City area, or close enough to make a trip, the KC Game Fair is November 15-18. I'll be running a couple of games of the new Star Wars RPG Edge of the Empire Beta and X-Wing miniatures. Check out the site for more information. I'll also be on the game industry panel with several new and returning guests. Note that there have been some recent issues with the webhost, so registration and event listings may be problematic at times. At the moment, it looks like it's up.