Star Wars Wednesday - Infographics

Infographics seem to be all the rage on the internet. They're great ways to distill facts or data (accurate or otherwise) down to an easily understandable image that highlights the point the creator is trying to get across. A new, or rather, a rediscovered series of Star Wars related infographics began making the rounds recently. It reminded me of some of past versions and put me on the hunt for others.

I've been interested in graphic design for awhile, though I never specifically studied it, beyond what I needed in architecture school for presentations and so forth. This probably goes along with my enjoyment of movie posters, specifically Star Wars ones.

These are the images making the rounds of late. It turns out the company responsible is an advertising agency. So, making a Star Wars infographic is probably a good ploy to draw attention to your site. Still, they don't stop at Star Wars, they also created some failed lunchbox concepts (of which my favorite is this one). This isn't their first go at Star Wars, either. They created what in universe mundane paperwork might look like, including a Boba Fett invoice.

Of course, a Boba Fett invoice has already been done and chronicled by my fellow Unknown Regions author, Daniel Wallace. It does show how quickly these things can get around, when done well.

Other infographics cover more factual subjects - such as the influence of Star Wars on the movie industry, or facts about the movie itself.

And, of course, someone has retold the movies themselves as infographics.

Want to see more? Just do a google image search for Star Wars infographics.