Star Wars Wednesday - X-Wing & Other Minis

Some new minis news this past week:

Fantasy Flight Games announced that its X-Wing Miniatures Game will be released this summer. I played the prototype/demo at GenCon last year and enjoyed it. It uses similar mechanics as their Wings of War dogfighting game, but with longer movement and universe specific features. There is no battle mat or game board, you play right on the table top. The set includes 3 minis, but assuming I'm reading the copy correctly, will include more fighters as cards instead of minis (at least, that would be consistent with Wings of War).

FFG also announced expansion packs for the game. Much like Wings of War, each has a single fighter. Individual pilot cards are also included. 

For fans of Wizards' Star Wars Miniatures game and the scenarios I wrote for it, those who run Docking Bay 94 let me know this week that they've changed hosting. I've updated the link on my scenarios index page accordingly, or you can go directly to their page by clicking here.