Star Wars Wednesday - Con Season Begins

So, I completely missed Wednesday this week, mainly due to travel, airport delays, post-midnight arrivals and fatigue thereof. Fortunately, con season is in full swing, with San Diego Comic Con this week. I haven't been to this one, but will be attending others later in the summer. More on that in later weeks. For now, I'm sure most of you are already following the typical news outlets, but I thought I'd highlight a few as well. Plus, I'm really tired.

First, has a cool mashup picture of the Death Star superlaser firing thorugh the SDCC convention center. They also have a news feed, which is pretty much official blog postings with certain tags.

Speaking of the blog, former WEG freelancer, long time Lucasfilm employee and author of the ultra-cool and useful Essential Reader's Companion Pablo Hildago has returned to be a contributor.

There has already been a big announcement regarding a new Star Wars comic book series, set in the classic era, with the classic characters, with more to come during SDCC.

So, there should be good stuff to discuss next week.