Star Wars Wednesday - SDCC Everywhere

As expected, San Diego ComicCon had a lot of Star Wars announcements. Perhaps less expected on my part was the overall number of Star Wars related panels and the detail coming out of some of them. It seemed to be a never ending stream of news and material on my Twitter feed, and not just because I follow several Star Wars related accounts. This week also brought on new previews from FFG for the RPGs and X-Wing.
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Star Wars Wednesday - Con Season Begins

So, I completely missed Wednesday this week, mainly due to travel, airport delays, post-midnight arrivals and fatigue thereof. Fortunately, con season is in full swing, with San Diego Comic Con this week. I haven't been to this one, but will be attending others later in the summer. More on that in later weeks. For now, I'm sure most of you are already following the typical news outlets, but I thought I'd highlight a few as well. Plus, I'm really tired.
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