Star Wars Wednesday - Celebration VI TFN Party

Sorry for the delay in Star Wars Wednesday this week. I had to take an unexpected trip out of town for work and posting from the road is challenging at times. As it happens, I also missed an announcement that I could have easily posted here, and on time. I even managed to miss it when it was posted a second time, by mistake.

I will be one of the VIP guests at this year's Celebration VI Party. Obviously, that means I'll be attending Star Wars Celebration again this year. I was a VIP guest at the Celebration V tf.n party and had a great time, so I'm glad to be able to go again this year. Tickets and other information can be found here

TF.N are making daily announcements of their guests on their facebook page. So far, the list includes Jason Fry, Kyle Newman, Tim Proctor and Troy Denning. Last year they had quite a few, plus a lot of recognizable faces dropping in unannounced.