Star Wars Wednesday - Update from the Edge 01

There were several updates from Fantasy Flight Games this past week or so regarding the Star Wars game line. I liked the blog title enough that I might reuse it from time to time (though putting a number in the title almost guarantees I'll drop it before using it a second time. Planning, right?). On top of that, I'll be making another Order 66 podcast appearance on Sunday evening, 8:30pm,

Fantasy Flight Games announced the Edge of the Empire RPG Core Rulebook will go on sale in the second quarter this year, instead of first quarter as previously announced. Until then, the Beta and the Beginning Game should keep everyone going.

FFG also announced that the GM Kit will be released at the same time. It will contain a GM screen, adventure and other information.

As expected, the Star Wars RPG dice will be released as the same time as the core rulebook.

You can find more information and all three announcements here.

Speaking of dice, FFG announced and released an update to the Star Wars Dice app for Android and IOS today. They added the often asked for feature to total the dice results for quick reference, as well as more sound and art options. You can see the complete info here. I tried it out and like the results.

As I mentioned before, I'll be on the Order 66 podcast again this week. The topic will be Obligation in the Edge of the Empire RPG, a section that I worked on primarily on the GM side of things. The show should be live on at about 8:30 pm Sunday, but keep an eye on d20radio or my own twitter feed for any last minute updates.

I also ran a complete session of the Edge of the Empire Beginning Game, with 4 new players and one returning player (actually, one of my beta testers). I'm very pleased with how the session went, but I'll try to save those comments for post focused on that subject sometime down the road.