Star Wars Wednesday - Clone Wars and Podcasts

Two topics of interest this week that don't exactly fit together. The first is the 100th Episode of The Clone Wars, the second is the conversion of the Order 66 podcast from Saga Edition to Edge of the Empire. Read on for comments on both...with a spoiler alert on the 100th Episode musings. After the break, the post will proceed with the podcast info, then a large break for those who don't want to accidentally read a spoiler or two on the Clone Wars.

First up, Order 66. The long running Star Wars RPG related podcast just switched from full Saga Edition coverage to Edge of the Empire RPG coverage, now that the Beginner Game is out. They kick off the renumbered episodes with an interview with Edge system designer Jay Little. They just posted the second episode, featuring Sam Witwer and a discussion of running the aforementioned Beginner Game

Running parallel to the regular episodes are a live play celebrity game run by GM Chris, with Christopher West (creator of Saga, SW Minis and other maps), Andy Hurley (drummer for several bands, including Fallout Boy), GM Dom and myself. The first two are now up (covering the first session). The next is expected to be recorded live this Friday night on, but is not 100% totally confirmed just yet. {edit: it won't be this Friday, date to be determined} This is GM Chris' "Amnesia" game, where the characters awake without knowledge of who they are or what they're up to. It's also using the Beta rules, not the Beginner Game reduced rules.

If you're curious about the game, listen for awhile. The live session had some sound issues for those watching the stream of the first show, but the podcast audio is fine. One advantage to watching the session is the fact that you can see the shared map...or should be able to.

OK last spoiler alert for Clone Wars.....

















I enjoyed episode 100. Abafar remains a great setting, and one I hope to use in a future game session. Some of this episode figured prominently in the Clone Wars preview at Celebration VI. For some reason, I seem to have the ability to completely forget such things when I'm watching an episode. Suddenly, in the middle of the show, I'll recall the scene and wonder how I could have not seen it coming. In this case, it was the Republic Commando's attack in support of the droids at the end, complete with exploding barrels - like any number of certain video games.

My only complaint was the Colonel's speech at the end, as they leave the clone commando behind. "We'll await your return." That makes sense if they're leaving him on an isolated world, but as they're going to a Republic cruiser filled with troops, why not just send a rescue mission back down, immediately upon landing? I don't often have these sorts of moments watching the show, but this was one of them.

Looking forward to the next episode, and more to come.