Star Wars Wednesday - Music Universes

Back from another KC Game Fair. I had a good time. I intend to post some of the adventure information and possibly the characters I used for The Sabacc Incident, but given that it is more of an outline than fleshed out, ready to run adventure, it will likely take awhile to get it better organized.

This week, the music of and in Star Wars has appeared in a couple of places. I've heard the music of the movies, Clone Wars and Shadows of the Empire over and over for years. As I've said before, for me, the original Star Wars soundtrack was a stand-in for the movie itself in the days before VCRs and video.

Rebel Force Radio has released the first of a new series on the music of Star Wars. Star Wars Oxygen is hosted by David Collins, regular host of the Star Wars Celebration stage, and Jimmy Mac. It delves into the history of the actual music and how John Williams and George Lucas developed the score. It's really good. It plays clips from the influential and inspirational sources along with the pieces they inspired. I've heard many of these details before, but this is the first time I've really seen, or heard, them all put together. I'm looking forward to future episodes, which they will be releasing monthly. The podcast can be found, and listened to directly, here.

Over on the Official Star Wars Blog, Ed Erdelac features a detailed post on in-universe music. It looks like there will be future parts to this as well. For RPGs, this sort of thing can add interesting details to the game. West End Games featured a bunch of in-universe music groups, references and details in Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim (an entertaining and much referenced book for unusual stuff).

Also, over at the FFG site, they've featured an article on the modular encounters concept from the upcoming Suns of Fortune (Corellian Sector sourcebook). They included a downloadable example of how it works as a mini-adventure.